Why You're Not Getting NDIS Clients

Ok, so you're keen to make your living changing lives as an NDIS Service Provider. You've got skills, you've got qualifications, and most importantly, you've got yourself registered.

Or, perhaps you work for a non-profit organisation, and your role involves bringing NDIS clients into your business.

But the clients just aren't coming...

It doesn't quite fit the mantra does it? You know the one: "Build it and they will come"; that great idea that if you just get registered as a provider, you'll suddenly have a stream of clients queuing up for your service and you'll be set...

But why? You're registered. You've got a Facebook page. You've got a website. Why aren't you getting clients?

Here are just a few reasons, and how you can fix them

1. You're Selling a Service, not Value

The NDIS revolves around empowering people with disabilities to achieve their goals, and to do it using the services and providers they choose.

The problem is, too many providers I see are marketing themselves and their services, rather than how they provide value to their client and, most importantly, serve them in fulfilling their goals.

If you scroll through your social feeds and your content screams "I'm registered pick me!", "I'm a provider, pick me!", "why you should pick me" and so forth.... We have a problem!

Your marketing needs to reflect how you empower people to reach their goals. What are they going to achieve with you? What value are you offering to them? What do they get out of a relationship with you, not just a "pick me", which is all about you.

In short, your marketing should provide and sell value, by being about your CLIENT, and not be all about you.

2. You're Using Traditional, Interruption Marketing

The days of using your marketing to push sales, even discounted ones, into the face of your buyer are fast dying.

No matter where you are advertising, if you're marketing is pushing your service, you're losing.

To get ahead in today's online dominated marketplace, you have to be using a systematised inbound marketing process.

This means understanding your buyer, using content to educate them throughout the phases of their buying journey, and drawing them in to you with a client focused approach.

Inbound approaches focus on adding value through content, leading to a purchase decision. It's something we focus on in our free NDIS Business Growth webinar masterclass.

3. You're Not Marketing At All

Sorry, the "build it and they will come" approach just doesn't work. The NDIS is a competitive marketplace, and you have to put the work into your marketing.

Maybe you've survived so far on word of mouth and referrals, so you think you don't need to do any more marketing.

Here's the thing: you're reading an article about why you're not getting enough clients. That tells me you're either not getting enough clients now, or you at least want to grow and scale your business from your current level. This means your current methods might not be bad (though they might), but they're not great either. Definitely not getting you where you want to go.

"If you always do what you've always done; you'll always get what you've always got."

If you want to grow and get clients, or more clients, there's no getting around it. You have to do marketing and do it effectively. If you want to learn how, sign up for the next live NDIS Business Growth Masterclass.

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